6:30 PM - In a Dream

tea time

Director: Luce Grosjean
Country: France
Runtime: 4 minutes
Genre: Animation

They leave by millions, from many places, fleeing a danger or a conflict, most of the time risking their lives. Their dreams are often shattered, but they keep on trying. Just like those two tea bags, fated to drown slowly, but who decided otherwise. We are all made of hope.


Director: Oscar Bernacer
Country: Spain
Runtime: 12 minutes
Genre: Narrative

No risk, no love. Love is the name of the game and Apolo81 is going to stake everything on one card. Beating his opponent means winning her over. Will he manage it?

bob dylan hates me

Director: Caveh Zahedi
Country: United States
Runtime: 6 minutes
Genre: Animation

For anyone disappointed that a Caveh Zahedi film adaptation of Goethe's FAUST starring Bob Dylan has yet to materialize, the director's droll mea culpa packs much solace into six breezy minutes. A rumination on celebrity and creative desire, BOB DYLAN HATES ME recounts two times Zahedi came into contact with his childhood idol, neither of which went particularly well. There is a sort of beauty in blown chances, though, as Zahedi's sheepish yet tenacious style of cinematic confessional so nimbly illuminates. Animator Jack Dunphy, a former student in Zahedi's New School Personal Documentary class, renders the proceedings with a kindred spirit and a keen eye for oddity of anecdotal detail. This fateful butting-of-heads between wide-eyed naif and surly stubbled icon marks the auspicious debut of Zahedi's "Awkward Celebrity Encounter." - Jonathan Kiefer


Director: Matt Harris-Freeth
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 4 minutes
Genre: Narrative

A cautionary tale about a boy, Harry and his life-changing encounter with a vagrant puppet crocodile.


Director: Finn Deivert
Country: Sweden
Runtime: 7 minutes
Genre: Narrative

A late night at the office turns in to a nightmare when a copywriter realizes he might not be alone.

terminally happy

Director: Adina Istrate
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 13 minutes
Genre: Narrative

Terminally Happy" embarks on a journey into the subconscious of Dr. Louis W, a neuroscientist on the brink of an unprecedented medical breakthrough – the ability to travel deep into the mind and reconnect the broken memories of our pasts.

Through pharmaceutical experimentation, Dr. W has developed an opiate that can put an end to the rising suicide rates plaguing this desolate yet fast-approaching future

getting fat in a healthy way

Director: Kevork Aslanya
Country: Bulgaria
Runtime: 22 minutes
Genre: Narrative

In a world where gravity is weak and skinny people fly into the sky, Constantine has never left the apartment he shares with his father Atanas. But one day the beautiful stewardess who moves into the building will change Constantine's life forever.