4:30 PM - Chamber of Reflection


Director: Maxime Lahousse
Country: Belgium
Runtime: 6 minutes
Genre: Narrative

Ambivalence tells the story of Nora, who lives a very eccentric life. She looks at her life as if it’s a rollercoaster that's only going up. But Nora doesn’t realize that her cheerful nature might also have a very dark edge.



Director: Genea Gaudet
Country: United States
Runtime: 13 minutes
Genre: Documentary

In 1974, a Mormon missionary finds his world turned upside down when he falls in love with a handsome Italian Communist. With original 8mm film and fierce storytelling, Tom Clark recounts a love story set against the backdrop of coastal Italy wrought with faith, identity, cigarettes, and Thorazine.



Director: Tarek Roehlinger
Country: Germany
Runtime: 25 minutes
Genre: Narrative

Mehmet the turkish barber of the neighborhood longs for his lost home. However at the end of the day he learns that home is where you know people and their stories. These stories the people are telling him when they come to his barbershop.



Director: Silke De Rycke
Country: Belgium
Runtime: 12 minutes
Genre: Narrative

Leni runs a beautiful coffee house, has a dedicated lover and is above all pregnant. This is everything she ever dreamed of and she’s expected to be the happiest person alive. But all of a sudden the pink cloud turns into an intense storm of emotions and doubts.


the house on the edge of the planet

Director: Oleksii Sobolev
Country: Ukraine
Runtime: 32 minutes
Genre: Sci-Fi

A child with PTSD struggles with both a country and family at war, learning to dream big once again.