Film: Rust Golem

Filmmaker: Nick DiMichele


Nicholas DiMichele is a music producer and 360 post-production supervisor. He has worked for NYTimes, MTV, Interscope records and more as part of TotalCinema 360, and produced over 30 records in Brooklyn, NY.


Film Description:

Rust Golem is the world’s first Choose-Your-Own-Path virtual reality music video to be filmed in 360 degree live action! Guide your protagonists as they try and escape the dungeon of the Rust Golem, full of magic, mystery, and 8-bit video game stylings. Featuring six distinct endings and a rigorous display of hand-rotoscoped animated elements in complete 360 degree video. Rust Golem is a fun, spooky adventure that begs to be played again and again!


Film: Disappearing

Filmmaker: Eric R. Williams


Eric R. Williams has worked professionally in video, film and television for more than twenty-five years. He has written, directed and produced short and long form documentaries, television series, educational media, and feature films (clients include Universal Studios, American Movie Classics, Tropical Disease Institute, WOUB Public Media, HBO Latino and Fox Interactive). His work has won the Best New Screenplay award from the Writers Guild of America, an Emmy Award for Interactive Media and the University Professor Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is currently in pre-production of a 360-degree feature film called “Lone Wolf 360”, penning a screenwriting book for Focal Press and is a co-founder of the Ohio University Immersive Media Initiative. His production company is The Blue Arm:


Film Description:

Set high in the tree line canopy of a zip-line park, "Re: Disappearing" tells the story of a teenage girl struggling with her parents' divorce and her father’s abandonment until a stranger teaches her about solitude and letting go.

DC Filmmakers:

Film: Dance Afire: Jabberwocky, Magic Giant at SXSW, Wise Blood: a theatrical production

Dance Afire: Jabberwocky (Fire Dancer Group)



Magic Giant at SXSW



Wise Blood: A Theatrical Production

Filmmaker: Emma Mankey Hidem

Bio: SunnysideVR is a full-service VR video production company based in Washington, D.C. with one simple, primary goal: to create awesome, immersive video.


While we make all kinds of videos, we specialize in 360-degree video, aka Virtual Reality, and other multi-camera, action-oriented video, that engages and excites your audience by putting them in the middle of the action in places they wouldn't get to be normally. We create immersive video content for all VR platforms, including iOS, Android, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR. We have on projects of all sizes with clients that range in size from Esteé Lauder and Twitter to small non-profits and arts organizations.


SunnysideVR (formerly Experience360) was founded by Emma Mankey Hidem, who fell in love with VR when she was part of the team who created most of the media for the state-of-the-art College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta. One of her primary responsibilities was to film 360-degree video at 13 different major College Football games for an exhibit called "Virtual Stadiums."


It was through her time working on the Hall of Fame, and seeing visitor's  awe-struck reactions to Virtual Stadiums, that Emma learned her passion for creating content that allows people to experience moments they might never otherwise get to experience (ie being in the middle of a football field as the team runs on), so she decided to make the leap and change her focus from traditional video to VR.


Film: Snake River: a fully immersive heist film

Filmmaker/Writer/shooter: Emiliano Ruprah



Emiliano Ruprah is an independent writer and director based out of Washington DC. He is co-owner of Capital Hustle, an innovative guerrilla marketing firm specializing in content for underrepresented demographics.

Snake River is the world's first full immersion fiction film. It is the first step towards next generation cinema, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in a 360 degree environment filmed with a special camera system. It was conceived and created by Emiliano Ruprah, a graduate film student at American University, while researching ways to apply the advent of Virtual reality gaming like the Oculus Rift to cinema.



This unique film allows viewers to explore different environments and make the choice on what to focus on in the film. As the different characters move around the virtual environment you call follow them individually. In other words, it is a film which will never be watched the same way twice.




Film description:

Five mercenaries with artist code names are hired to retrieve a stolen biological weapon. After being captured by a highly unstable Russian mobster, they must piece together what went wrong, and who, if anyone, is telling the truth.