4.14 6:30 pm, prior to opening night screening

Almeda is a four piece rock and R&B group whose biggest influences are Stevie Wonder, The Phantoms, and School of Rock. 

Davis & JBell: Jazz-metal ensemble
4.15 11:30 AM, prior to paradigm shift program

The Bulldog Alley Alley Cats
4.15 4 pm, prior to chamber of reflection program

The Bulldog Alley Alley Cats is a six piece jazz funk fusion ensemble formed in the fall of 2015 at Georgetown University. Whilst they normally engage with instrumental music, the Alley Cats are always excited to feature vocalists and guest musicians. Members consist of Joe Epstein (Trumpet), Aamir Javaid (Tenor Saxophone), Rohan Advani (Bass), Daniel Sheehan (Drums), Lyell Roeder (Keyboards), and Chris Almeida (Alto Saxophone).