Beast of Burden


11:00 AM | program begins

The Eel, the Weasel and the vulture.

Near an oak and a dried-up river, an eel, a weasel and a vulture meet. They talk to one another, but do not get along.

Blue Butterfly

To collect butterflies from the memory of his marriage, an old man travels around the world, then he relives the moment with his wife while capturing the butterflies.

Law of the Lamb

While driving along a road in the Tunisian desert in an old battered van on their way to market to sell their sheep, an old man and his grand-son are stopped by two policemen. In order to be allowed to leave, they have to accept a strange and unusual deal.


W.A.R.F. is an animated short film which it’s story develops in the context of a war. Logan Nates is a young soldier whose going to learn on how to deal with his dog Spencer for them to surpass their obstacles which imply the mision they were assigned. Reaching the crucial moment, Logan will have to make a difficult decision that could change his life for ever


'Discontinuity' highlights the irregular spaces and unexpected fissures that can pop up between us, and all of the things that can fall in and get lost. Tabitha and Stephen have been in each others' lives for a long time, but because of their jobs they must periodically live apart. When Tabitha returns 'home' after their longest separation, what they've been missing becomes opaquely clear and who they're becoming makes it hard for them to see each other. As the interruptions and incongruities pile up, 'Discontinuity' mirrors the missed connections in its characters’ reunion with its approach to editing, its confusion of time and space, and a freewheeling clowder of cats.


On a train trip through spatial and temporal dimensions the traveller suddenly comes across himself. #cat


Jacques is broke and the owner of the bar where he spends most of his time kicked him out.